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Every time when I start a new blog or a Website using WordPress , I like to have a local copy of it in my computer for easy access and to make any changes or to find errors in my local computer itself than finding and correcting it online. So for that purpose I use Wamp Server. Now I will tell you step by step procedure to install, configure the wampserver and include WordPress in it and start creating your website in the localhost without the need of an Internet Connection

  1. Download the Latest Version of Wampserver (As of this writing it is of Version 3.17)
  2. Select the Language to use during installation and press “ok“.
  3. Select “I accept the agreement” and press “Next“.
  4. Read the Information and click on “Next“.
  5. Select a Destination folder and click on “Next“.
  6. Select where should the shortcuts of the program should be placed and click “Next“.
  7. Click on “Install“.
  8. If you want to choose another browser over Internet explorer to use Wamp Server click on “Yes“.
  9. Select your alternate browser exe file and press “Open“.
  10. Notepad will be used as a text editor y Wamp Server. If you don’t have any other text editors click “No“.
  11. Read all the Explanations and press “Next“.
  12. Click on “Finish” to finish the setup wizard.
  13. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. otherwise you will see the missing dll error as shown below while starting Wamp Server.
  14. Double click on the Wamp Server Icon to start Wamp Server.
  15. Now you will see a green “W” Icon in Taskbar.
  16. Now Download Latest Stable copy of WordPress (As of this writing it is WordPress 5.2.1).
  17. After downloading , Single click the wampserver icon and select “www directory”. A folder will open.
  18. Extract the WordPress files in to that folder.
  19. Now Again Single click the wampserver icon and select “PhpmyAdmin”.
  20. Enter “root” as username and click on “GO“. No Password Necessary.
  21. Click on “Databases” link.
  22. Write a Database name in first box, select “Collation” in second box and click on “Create“.
  23. Now go to “http://localhost/wordpress” in your browser. It will take you to installation wizard of WordPress. Click on “Continue”.
  24. Now click on “Let’s Go“.
  25. Enter the Database Name you have created in Step 22. Username as “root“. Password field leave blank. Don’t touch the “Database Host” and “Table Prefix”. Leave it as such and press “Submit”.
  26. Now click on “Run the Installation”.
  27. Enter your blog title, Username, Password and e-mail and now click on “Install WordPress”.
  28. Click on “Log In“.
  29. Now you can use this WordPress Installation as same as the one you are having online.
  30. You can write posts, install themes, test-drive plugins and most probably everything you can do in this local install of WordPress. When Finished , Right click on the Wampserver icon and click “EXIT”. Always remember to “start wampserver” before using WordPress at the local host. Test Drive the world of Blogging Without the need of Internet.